In this article, I will be showing you how to get free bitcoins instantly and transfer the money into your Paypal Account. As easy as ABC. You don't have to pay anything to get free money in your PayPal account. Just follow the few easy steps below:


Go to Sign Up.

Step 2:

Fill out all fields with your real information.

Step 3:

Check your email inbox. If it is not there check other folders such as social or spam in case your email provider mistook it for junk mail.

Step 4:

Click any confirmation link you see in there to verify your ID. Then it will take you to your home page as display below:

Step 5:

Now start inviting friends to earn up to 9 Euro for each friend that you invite and once you make money, you can transfer it directly to your Paypal Account very easy.

With the few steps above you can start earning up to 100 Euro per day by using this method correcly. why not Sign Up Coinbase now and start making money instantly.

ANOTHER WAY TO Get Free Bitcoins Instantly

Get free BTC by Play games:

Don’t really like micro earnings? Try a bitcoin game instead! With this method, the more you play the more rewards you get. And some games are pretty addictive… While some are browser games, others are mobile games (popular ones).

And you can literally get free bitcoins every second!

If you enjoy little games, this should be your favorite method. Because it won’t feel like a hassle. But you will have fun while earning free BTC.

Write about Bitcoin

If you’re into cryptocurrencies and have a knack for words you might want to consider becoming a crypto journalist or article writer.

As the crypto industry evolves, more and more news and information websites are popping up. In many cases, these sites are in need of writers as they are publishing dozens of articles each week.

Since good writers are hard to find, if you can submit quality work you may be able to earn a nice revenue stream by writing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your own home and have your articles sold online in any freelancer website like Fiverr.

But you have to first Sign Up Coinbase before you can start earning money and transfering them to your Paypal account. If you have any question, leave them below.

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