Thalgo Collagen Cream work instantly by smooth and plump the skin with the regenerating, repairing and ultra-hydrating Thalgo Collagen Cream: Wrinkle Smoothing. It acts at the source of fine lines and wrinkles to erase them and prevent new lines from forming. It also fight the appearance of the first visible signs of aging, this silky cream with its fine powdery texture helps prolong and preserve the skin’s youthful look. The skin is moisturised and regenerated, fine lines and first wrinkles appear visibly smoothed. How to use: Apply morning and/or evening to thoroughly cleansed the skin, either on its own or after the Collagen Concentrate. Apply Thalgo Collagen Cream morning and evening on the face and neck. Combine several times a year with a Collagen Concentrate treatment. For best results, use Thalgo Foaming Marine Cleanser to clean the skin. Related Article: Composition of Thalgo Collagen Cream.

Benefits: Suitable for all skin types. Keeps skin smooth and hydrated. Gives skin a younger more radiant appearance. NOTE: The Thalgo Collagen Cream is ideal for women over 25 years of age, who want a fine treatment cream for daily use to keep their skin looking young and radiant. By fighting against the first signs of aging, this lovely cream prolongs and preserves youthful-looking skin. Thalgo Collagen Cream Customers Reviews:

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