by on October 14, 2017
FFXIV the patch The Legend Returns looks pretty damn sweet. It comes with a bunch of content, including the 24-person Ivalice raid, the new dungeon as well as EX battle. For those who are unaware, 24-person raids are a semi-casual element of FFXIV that involve three parties, eight members in each, that allow you to earn one piece of gear per week. Players get excited to preview more long term content, they are used to visit here.

The game is one of the last bastions of subscription-based gaming out there, and throughout its triumphant relaunch as A Realm Reborn, the team has opened the experience up with an expansive free trial and some microtransaction additions. For instance, Square Enix has done a good job of expanding on the narratives of the main characters long after the game's release.

In fact, the patch is the latest major content update since the game's big expansion. Sees FFXIV players journey to Ivalice, the world that Final Fantasy XIV is set in. Square Enix also showcased a number of upcoming changes for the game as well as a preview of the massive 4.1 patch, "The Legend Returns." There's also now player housing in Shirogane, and any player could relocate their current housing to the new location.

There are a few things that aren't coming just yet either, including the Ultimate Savage raid tier (4.11), the Rival Wings mech PVP mode (4.15) and the Bard's "perform" action (4.15). Stay tuned FFXIV4Gil, are you looking for the better Final Fantasy XIV Gil supplier? Without any hesitation, FFXIV4Gil deserve your option.