by on October 8, 2017
The 3.5mm headphone jack was removed from the last iPhone 7. Last year many consumers have complained that there is very inconvenient without audio jack. Unfortunately, the new iPhone 8 will have no jack either.

As for myself, I always listen to music on the way to office or back home, I can’t stand a phone without jack. As all we know, the wireless Bluetooth technology is not mature. The audio quality of Bluetooth headset wireless is less good than the wired one. Bluetooth one has to be recharging too. If you listen music with wireless headset often, you might have to charge it every day. What if I forget to recharge it? Then you might not listen music with your phone. Please stop trying to kill the headphone jack. It’s a very useful feature for phone.

Unfortunately, Apple’s new iPhone, which will be release tomorrow, still has no jack. More and more smartphone has removed the audio jack. Maybe we will be force to use wireless Bluetooth headphones in the future. Qualcomm keeps developing Bluetooth technology, like aptX low latency, aptX HD.

Headphones with aptX low latency enhance the experience of watching TV and playing mobile game with Bluetooth headset. It reduces the audio delay. Mixcder MS 301 high end headphones is equipped with aptX low latency technology. With fashion design and high audio quality, MS301 has received many good customer feedbacks. The Bluetooth headphone with aptX HD means it has high audio quality. If the two aptX technology can be combined in the same headphone, that would be great.

Headphones with jack or no jack, which one do you prefer?
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