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by on September 19, 2017
According to Fallenstein, 80-90 percent of wholesale halloween costumes still come from Halloween costumes. But with millions of dollars in infrastructure and automation invested in the North Mankato facility, Fallenstein is focused on expanding his business growth beyond that season.

“We acquired the Fun.com swimwear manufacturer China just a few years ago,” he says. “It’s really our expansion into product outside of Halloween. Right now we have a really big infrastructure that is truly meant for about two weeks out of the year leading up to Halloween. That’s really the only Faceadventure we use it to its capacity. That’s our peak right now. So, we have all this great infrastructure that we don’t use 11 months out of the year. We hope to change that under the domain Fun.com.”

Right now, Fun.com is wholesale swimwear heavy, based on pop culture products, mostly costumes. The biggest sellers are Star Wars and superheroes.

“If you love Star Wars, we’ll have every type of product you can think of on Fun.com,” he says.

Shirts.com was Fallenstein’s first attempt to expand the season a bit, but it tends to also have spikes. For instance, at back to school and Christmas Faceadventure.

“So Fun.com expands that even more,” he says. “That’s where we are creating pool inflatables, winter coats, men’s and women’s suiting. We have products now that allow us to hit every season.”

While Fallenstein tries to manage those ups and downs, he also manages another key part of his business success. The culture!
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