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by on June 8, 2020
Have you ever asked your self or friends what is the best way to make money online? and what was his or her response to you? Many people will give you a different type of answer that may discourage you but let me tell you today that you have come to the final answer to this question by reading this blog post. Many people might have told you that the best way to make money only is through carrying out online surveys for money but I want you to understand that you can make many through online surveys but it is not the best way to make money online.

Then what is the best way to make money online? the answer is having your own website either blog, forum, article directory, social media, e-commerce or any other type of website is the best way to make money online, although having your own website can be sometimes stressful and difficult to handle but is it indeed the best and secure way to make money online today.

You don't want to help other people to build and optimize their website with the effort you are supposed to use in building yours, remember nothing good comes easily. There is no way to make money fast today don't let people deceive you into building their website for them by telling you that you can make money online fast by visiting their website and performing a certain task, They will only pay you peanuts that don't what your Faceadventure.

Setting Up Your Own Website To Make Money Online

Setting up your own website is very easy as stated below:

* Make a plan for your website’s structure and content

* Register a domain name – ideally pick a .com

* Find a website builder (and hosting provider) to create your site

* Optimize it for search engines

* Launch your website

And all the above can be done by paying 13$ for the domain name and building Blogspot website and designing for $5, very cheap and stress-free.

Setting up a website is the best creative way to make money online instead of you to work under someone else website. After setting up your money website the next thing that comes to your mind is how to make money online from my website. This also is very simple and I will be explaining everything to you step by step.

How To Make Money Online Through My Website For Beginners

Now welcome to the final answer to the questions on how to make money online for beginners, After you have finished setting up your website, below are the most common ways to make money online through your website as a beginner:

1. Pay Per Click Google Adsense the Best

2. Affiliate Marketing “Affiliate Links”

3. Sell Your Own Digital Product “Ebook for Example”

4. Accept Donations From Visitors

5. Sell Sponsored Posts

6. Sell Ad Space

7. Generate 'Leads' for Other Companies

8. Flip Your Websites

9. Build an Email List

10. Do Product Reviews

11. Offer a Membership Site or Premium Content

12. Selling Services

Type Of Website You Need To Start Making Money Online As A Beginner

Since you are new in the online business, I will advise that you should open an easy to maintain website that will not cost you too much money in setting up such as blogs or news or information website. With any of these two websites, you are welcome to the real ways to make money from home, Although there are other types of website that you can open it depend on your financial budget. I have listed below the type of website that you can open to start making money online below:

* Blogs and Personal

* E-commerce

* News or Informational

* Business Directory

* Online Community

* Resume

* Portfolio

* Photo Sharing

Importance Of Having Your Own Website

Since you have decided to start up an online business that will help you make money online, now you need to know the importance of having your own website I mean the benefit attached to having your personal website. This importance is listed below for your understanding.

1. Having a website helps you get a better job

2. It helps you start up a new business

3. If it is a blog, it helps you become a better writer

4. Help you become a published author

5. It helps you learn more about a group of people

6. Build a network

7. Sell a product

8. Collect Emails

9. Publisher (Advert)

10. Express yourself

Like I said before the best way to make money online is you setting up your own website and monetizing it after which you are advised to keep working hard toward achieving success as it is been said nothing good comes easy, don't be deceived by the words "how to make money online without paying anything" because you will end up helping other people to work on their website. You have to be focused and determine before you can get anything right in life, But once the money starts coming it won't stop coming, it flows like a river that never runs dry, All you need is steady reactance.

IF you have any questions or need any guidelines or support, drop it at the comment section below and we will be glad to help you solve any problem.