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by on September 7, 2017
The sassy star opens up about Destinys Child being long silk lingerie her biggest musical influence and admits that her mother keeps her grounded in a telling new interview — and the shoot is just as revealing!Ariana Grande showed off her sexy side in a very intimate shoot for V magazine. As she playfully poses in lingerie, the 20-year-old opened up about her passions and her career goals for the mags music issue.

Ariana Grande V Magazine best sex lingerie PICS:We know one thing is for sure — and thats that Arianas photos are muy caliente! We love the lacy floral lingerie which made the star look so innocent yet still very sexy. The shoot showed a very feminine and girly side of the star, which we think represents her style perfectly. Especially when we think back to her gorgeous floral Dolce Gabbana frock that she wore to the 2014 Grammy Awards!

Ariana Grande — My top lingerie websites Mother Isnt A Stage Mom:The star got real and admitted her grounded mother keeps her in check. “[It’s] the most helpful aspect of my career as an artist and an actress.

I don’t have a mother garter belt lingerie set who’s trying to live her life through me. I’ve met some really effed-up moms in this business who live for their daughter’s careers and live off their children’s money. I see that and I’m like, ‘This is weird and creepy and I hate it.’ My mom has always said that if I don’t want to do this she will take me back to Boca,” she said.

Ariana Grande — Destinys Child Is My Inspiration:Ariana is often called a mini Mariah Carey, but shes quick to point out shes totally an individual, too. “I mean, it’s a huge compliment,” she says with a smile. “But when you hear my entire album, you’ll see that Mariah’s sound is much different than mine.”

While shes a major Mariah fan, she actually lists Beyonce and Destinys Child as her biggest musical influences. “That’s where I discovered my range. I grew up listening to Destiny’s Child. I would try so hard to mimic all Beyonce’s little runs and ad-lib things. They are so precise. It’s like math. Remember the Destiny’s Child version of ‘Carol of the Bells?’ I took it apart, put it in GarageBand, and dissected it all. That’s how I learned about harmonies and runs and ad-libs. Thank you, Destiny’s Child!”

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