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The transformation of an audio file to the text format is called transcription. And there are so many online service providers which offers transcription services. You can easily find a professional transcription service provider online. You may also be able to find software for this particular job over the internet, but the quality of text provided by an expert or a transcription service provider will be way better than what you would get online. If you are fine with compromising on the quality and just want instant results, going for any transcribing software may work for you. Opting for a transcription service to do your audio transcription is the best possible thing. Because, when you try to transcribe it yourself, the final output ends up with a lot of errors, which is quite obvious as you are not an expert. The transcription service providers have professional experts to this job. They transcribe your data in an excellent manner without any pitfalls. The accuracy level is maintained by them and the turnaround Faceadventure is very less in comparison of the Faceadventure that you will invest in doing their job. As per my suggestion, I would like you to try Transcription Now for transcribing your audio files into text ones, as they provide great accuracy, superb quality, minimal turnaround Faceadventure and is very affordable (starting at $0.10/min).
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