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by on January 14, 2019
PayPal which is one of the largest online payment processors today has made it easy for users to verify their account with just few click that I will be showing you today with the aid of Image. All new registered PayPal account are automatically limited to some functions till they are verified. But you don't need credit card to verify PayPal account.

Below are step by step guild to verifying your PayPal account (Follow the red circle):

Proceed to PayPal website and login to your PayPal account as shown in below image

Once you are logon to your PayPal account, navigate to account summary if it does not take you automatically to account summary page and you will see a notification bell, click on it as shown in the image below

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After clicking the Notification bell, it will open to do list for you, which include all the information you need to provide in other to verify your PayPal account as shown in image below

At this point you have to enter your phone number and a code will be sent to your number for confirmation. Also enter your account number as requested and PayPal will send two deposit to your account number that you provide to confirm that you are the account owner.

With the above steps you can have your PayPal account fully verified. 

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