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by on January 12, 2019
PayPal is one of the best payment services online today because it makes it easy for online business owner sell product online, we customers can also pay online with few clicks. There are two type of PayPal account (personal and business account) and you don’t need debit or credit card to make a PayPal account, but PayPal may ask you to supply your account details to verify your account.

Make a PayPal Account with Image

Go to PayPal home page as shown in the image below and keep clicking the part with red circle (Sign Up):

Click on business account then next

Enter your email address then next

Enter your Password then next

Fill out your complete information then agree to make account

At this point you will be asked to choose from some list of business account types then select individual depending on the type of business as shown below

Then fill out the required details as in the image below and submit

Now Confirm your email and adentity if you wish or click summary.

Welcome to your new PayPal business account

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Learn How to Verify your PayPal Account
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