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With May nearly over and no signs of activity from Nexon, I had no option but to visit the forums for the first Faceadventure and whine about the way Nexon is managing this particular game. You may observe occasions once the short-range courses take a great deal of damage while looking to get close to hurt in charge.
This will get especially harder the greater the raids you need to do because the supervisors in individuals greater level raids have a inclination to use debuffs. This is not a issue for Maple M Mesos lengthy-range, yet more, as they could only kite around the boss and deal damage. Rapid range classes are affected 2 occasions the penalty, as they are not just taking lots of damage, they also suffer in the debuffs from all of these bosses. Because of these reasons, the quantity of players playing short range classes is decreasing, whether the short-range classes have several the greatest DPS hanging about. Is Maplestory a good"free to play match?" Maplestory Suggestion Optional Revamps Nexon, remember that the players are. We want new courses.
We need new revamps. We would like events which give us *GOOD* items that'll really encourage us to participate.I hope you read this and reconsider your strategy of community over damage. Maplestory Couple suggestions on how to enhance bossing and party play in GMS In previous years, we'd get class revamps, new course releases, events which gave us overpowered maplestory2 items and scrolls, occasions which just paying players could access to obtain items that make free2play players green with envy. Those events left us paying players feel special and invited us to keep paying to boost our characters over non-paying players.
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