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by on December 7, 2017
In recent days India has seriously grown in technologies due to the high number of graduate produce in computer technologies and it related courses this has led to the increase in web developer's in India. Just like every other country, India has list of top social networking sites that they used frequently.
India which is very active in social media website have an India base popular social networking site call rediff, but they are still very active in others social networking site and have produce some top bloggers who are making money from blogging.
The below list of social networking sites in India are Alexa certify and are listed according to their ranking base on Alexa web statistics.
1. Youtube
YouTube which allow users to submit video, content and make money online is still the best social networking site in India because Alexa statistic recorded that YouTube which is ranking number 2 website in the world is also ranking 2 in India. This is very correct because site which allow users to make money online and has raised top Youtuber deserve to be rank best.
2. Facebook
Facebook is a social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos is ranking number 2 website in the world and 4 in India as certify by Alexa. Many people are using Facebook in India because it is one of the oldest social site in the world and has grown rapidly in recent time.
The people of India like technology so most of them use Facebook to connect each other and send instant messages.
3. Linkedin
Linkedin is a site used by business and professional to connect with each other. This site allows it user to design professional CV or import old once. It is mostly used by job seekers find job and human resources management to employ people. Linkedin which is ranking 28 in the world and 11 in India is a very popular website used by India people.
4. Instagram
Instagram is a social networking site own and control by Facebook. The website Instagram gained more population after Facebook bought it from the original owner Systrom and Krieger. This website was formally a mobile application which is now run on both mobile and computer platform now. Instagram which is ranking 17 websites in the world and 20 in India is one of the top social networking sites in India.
Watch this video on why Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion
5. Twitter
Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging, SMS or a web interfaces. It is mainly use by brand owner to share links, image and short write up. A lot of bloggers in India are using Twitter to promote their blog by tweeting links with nice information and receiving click back to their website. Twitter is ranking 12 most popular websites if the world is and 21 in India.
6. Rediff
Rediff help to connect with people who matter and stay updated by sharing instant info, photos, and more. It's an old site which is own by India person and it is populated by India people. Rediff is ranking 481 in the world and 28most popular website in India. You can also create a page for your company, college, brand, event, cause or anything you like. Reach out to millions & create your followers in Rediff.
7. Whatsapp
Whatsapp was once a mobile application use for sending and receiving quick messages right from your mobile, has recently upgraded to web and can now send and receive messages from computer to computer and computer to mobile phone. Whatsapp rank 72 globally and 31 popular websites in India.
Below is a screenshot of whatsapp web interface.
8. Tumblr
Tumblr is a social networking site that have the qualities of other social media site and also have a unique platform which allow users to write stories and post it in form of blog. This story can be shared among your friends online and later index by google which will bring more traffic back to your money website. Money India are using this site because it supports guest posting.
9. Pinterest
Pinterest is a social media site used worldwide and contain India users which has also signed up to be a member of the site. India people love using Pinterest because of the beautiful platform that is full of nice images uploaded by users. If you are a brand owner base in India and you do not have Pinterest try to sign up for one soon.
10. Google +
Google + is a Google social networking site that is used mostly by India brand owner to promote their product and services online. This platform allows you to create and design your profile, upload images and share links. You can also join and post to groups for free.
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