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Twitter which allows users to tweet 140 characters, upload infographics, and share links are the best social media site for business owners to promote their products and services in this globalized age where the internet has taken over the world. As a small online business owner, if you are not using Twitter to promote your business, you are causing great delay to your online business growth.

All business owners are advised to have twitter and other social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more. But twitter has a better platform form sharing your company links and infographic.

What Is Twitter

Twitter is a social media or online news where people interact, post tweets containing links and infographics including write up. Registered users can only tweet 140 characters for other members and non-member to read Twitter but non-member cannot tweet. You can use your Twitter account on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer.

Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone who created Twitter.com and launched it in July 2006. This Service later became popular in the year 2012 with about 100 million users and 340 tweets per day. It was the ten most visited websites in 2013 and as of today twelve most visited websites in the world as ranked by Alexa.

Twitter, Inc. The head office is based in San Francisco, California, United States, and has more than 25 offices around the world.

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How to Use It Effectively for Business

Before you use Twitter effectively for business, you must have to sign up and create a profile. Twitter has a nice platform that encourages a user to always tweet due to the high engagement on a tweet when it is being shared. From the tweet in the below image, you can see 855 replies, 7.1k retweet and 24k like. This is great prove that twitter is effectively for business.

I will be taking you step by step on how to use Twitter effectively for business:

1. Choose Your Twitter Username

This is the first step you need to decide on before joining the community, although the user name can be changed. Choose a compelling name that matches the website you want to promote so that it will look original and easily identify. Use easy username so that people can easily remember your username because the name will always appear close to your post any time you tweet. As shown in the image below:

2. Design Your Profile

Your profile is a replicate of your company online so the way you design your profile with good logo matters a lot if possible pay people to help you design a quality logo to represent your company and upload those logos as your profile photo and your background photos. Remember to updated your location. Write a short note about your company and include your website link in the place reserved for biography, this will help people understand your company and visit your website link for more information about your company.

3. Tweet Some Post

It time to tweet some vital information about your company to tell people what your company is all about, what services you can offer. It may be an online store or some other type of company. Remember to include a link to your company website but if you don’t have a website, you can include a link to your profile to the Tweet. Although Twitter allows users to share 140 characters, try to share vital information that other users will like to reply to, retweet and like.

Tweeting your website link will help to drive great traffic to your website as Twitter has a lot of users who are regularly online sharing and reading useful information regularly. This will also drive back social signals to your website thereby increasing your search engine ranking.

4. Share Among Present Customers

Sharing your Twitter username among your present customers is a good way to increase your online traffic. It is important that you inform your customers, friends, and relatives who are using Twitter. Tell them to help you share your tweet among their friends and followers to increase the like, reply and retweet on your Twitter posts. This is a good start-up for all brand owners.

Integrate your Twitter profile into your website to enable your website users to follow you, this can be a great way for you to increase your Twitter followers and keep your customers always updated via Twitter when you post a new update on your website. New users can come to your site and find it useful can follow you on Twitter and always receive an update when you share a new post.

5. Tweet Regularly

Tweeting regularly is a way to keep your followers updated about your brand. Post useful information that will compel people to read, click, like and reply. This is a good way to drive traffic to your site and many first-time visitors will come back again and again to visit once they find your information useful. Posting every day is advisable if possible several times a day and engaging your followers to keep your followers always updated.

6. Follow Related Brands

Following related brands on Twitter will expose your profile to other users and many of them will follow you back. The best way to grow your Twitter brand is to follow other users because Twitter allows you to follow 1000 member per day but you do not need to hit the limit. Following 800 for an old account and 500 users for new is enough for your Twitter account to grow within a short period of time. If possible, use Twitter following App to perform this following activity every day. This will really help your online business to grow.

7. Answer Related Questions

Many people always tweet questions on Twitter, search for questions that are related to your business and answer them. Refer many of them back to your website where related topic is discourse, gather many related questions write a topic about them and share it to those people. Then your website visitors will increase which will lead to conversion and sales.

8. Track mentions

Once you start growing, many other Twitter users will start mentioning about you when they tweet, make sure you always check and respond to such tweet. You should not fail to always mention the names of some related brand when you post so that once people search-related keyword on Twitter, your tweet stand a chance to show up in the search results which can lead to website clicks.

9. Retweet

Retweeting other people post will give you a chance to gain followers because the person that write the post you retweet will want to follow you back and other users who also come across the retweet either by search or other ways will also respond positively toward you. So, don’t fail to always retweet related brand and top tweet with a lot of reply, retweet, and favorite.

I am sure I have answered your questions (what is Twitter and how to use it effectively for business) but if you have any other new ways which you feel can be of help please don’t fail to drop a comment below.
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