Miracle Ojo
by on October 27, 2017

Unfollowing people on Twitter has been made easy by the introduction of Mass follow for Twitter a google chrome extension that helps you mass unfollow on twitter with a click for free. This tool is a useful marketing tool that can help you meet up with your marketing aim.

Like we all know the following and unfollowing people on twitter is a great way to increase your twitter audience. I have also talked about how to use Mass follow for Twitter to increase your twitter follower in my previous write up.

Follow these step to Mass Unfollow people on Twitter for Free

1. Open your google chrome and download Mass follows for Twitter from chrome web store, this tool is used to follow and unfollow people on twitter as shown in the below image:

2. Logon to the twitter account that you want to Mass Unfollow on and click on the following and Mass follow for Twitter will pop up as shown below:

3. Now click on setting to adjust the setting to fit your demand as shown below:

4. It time to freely mass unfollow on twitter using mass follow for Twitter. Now that you have adjusted the setting and save it, kindly click on unfollow all and watch it Mass Unfollow your Twitter followers for free as shown below.

By following the above steps, you can mass unfollow on twitter very easy. If you have any questions, leave your reply below.
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